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  At Life Assessment Systems, we have a number of products and services to support you in your quest for health. Listed below is a brief description of the feature, benefit and advantage of each modality: [Note: Each heading below will link to a new page with content included shown below.


A comprehensive test that identifies what is required
Take the guess work out of being healthy
All-natural remedies
Identifies developing health disturbances
Cost effective
Can alleviate chronic long-term difficulties

See for yourself what LifeTest™ can do for you! Watch our three-minute video or call for your free introductory session today. Find out how you measure up. Click Here

* Customized programs start at $89.95. Supplements, herbals, botanicals, and other modalities are not included. Please ask for a complete price list.

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“It has been most comforting to me that your computerized diagnostic system can target the organs of my body that require attention, and before I leave your office a healing remedy can be prescribed and ordered from your laboratory. My check-up after taking the first round of remedy indicated positive results in the targeted organs. Also, I enjoyed a much greater feeling of well-being overall.

“I went to Life Assessments upon the recommendation of a friend who is a health practitioner. I had been dealing with a skin carcinoma that had been detected and removed medically by a specialist. I was feeling worn down despite a goal to keep my body well and not susceptible to diseases of any sort.

“You can imagine my gratitude when my results proved to be so positive at the first check-up. In the course of just a few months, I had begun to feel stronger and healthier than ever.”

Maryian M.

A high-frequency electromagnetic current is used to relax your muscles and ease muscle pain. This treatmentcan also provide relief for sinus and bronchial congestion.

Generalized deep tissue heat
Increases blood supply
Dilates blood vessels and stimulate healing

$15.00 per session

Ionic Footbath

Immerse your feet in a relaxing warm water footbath to effectively remove toxins from your body.

Detoxifies the body faster and more effectively than herbal or fasting protocols
Comfortable and relaxing way to rid your body of toxins.

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“I have now had two Life Tests and my health has changed dramatically. I feel younger than I did four months ago. My mother suffers from extreme Alzheimer’s and I want to do anything that will help with the prevention of developing that horrible disease. Now I remember the simple words that I want to use to communicate without the stammering and grasping for a thought.”
Pat, age 51, Stay-at-Home Mom

Healthy Coffee

Try our delicious and healthy line of beverages made from the ganoderma extract to energize, detoxify, rejuvenate, and revitalize your systems.

Known as the “ Miraculous King of Herbs”
Reputed to be more powerful than Ginseng – a super antioxidant
Low caffeine content
Potent immune system booster

For more information about Gano Excel, visit

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Ionic Footbath
Healthy Coffee

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